About Projects

This is a small site dedicated to track projects that I’m currently working on as well as provide a small archive of projects that I have completed. I’ve documented research projects, service projects, and various work projects.

Note on Buttons

I use the following buttons to track the progress of the projects that I’m currently working on. The color code is below.

About Joshua Kitchens

Joshua Kitchens is currently the Director of the Archival Studies Program at Clayton State University. Josh was previously an archivist and a member of the faculty, with the rank of Assistant Professor, at the Georgia College’s Ina Dillard Russell Library. He’s responsible for coordinating university archives, managing digital collections and overseeing collection management and description.

Josh holds an MA in Applied History from Georgia Mason University, and a Masters of Archival Studies from Clayton State University. Josh currently teaches research methods for the Archival Studies Program at Clayton State. Josh has previously taught archival classes at Georgia College, and worked with professors on embedded archivist projects in classes of all types.

Josh is a self professed gamer, who is not currently a member of the “PC Master Race”, but he dreams of at least pretending to have a better than decent gaming PC. For now, he’s content being a console collector.