Georgia College Student Research Events

Here's the first year, of hopefully many, of a collaboration between the Ina Dillard Russell Library and the Georgia College Student Research Events at GC. You'll see the schedules for two events as displayed through the Knowledge Box. The first year we didn't receive submissions of research materials, but this wasn't our focus. It was all about moving the schedule online. Our hope is that in future years that we will be able to encourage students to submit their presentation material online.

Task Completed

I wrote this short review of Controlling the Past for Vol 30 of Provenance. This is a book I return to regularly and I currently use it in a course on appraisal.

Review of Critical Library Instruction, in Vol 29 of Provenance. 

I oversaw the digitization, managed the description, oversaw student works, and curation of Georgia College's Yearbooks. The Spectrums are now available online.  Thanks to the help of several undergraduate students for doing all the grunt work.